Saturday, 31 March 2012

George Carlin

I've only recently discovered George Carlin. He's dead now, but his profound ideas and harsh opinionated attitude lives on, and they really struck a cord with me. 

Carlin divorced himself from the human race because he actively hated those of us who would not see the "truth" of our existence. (Quote marks around truth represent its complex nature.)
George had an old man's measured intelligence. His disgust at humanity was derived from a life-long scrutiny of how people think. His cynical outlook was reinforced by what people do, and did not bother to hide his total hopelessness that we are capable of positive change.

Calin was able to be this honest because he was wealthy. He considered life's Hamster-wheel that we all board as optional. Freed from most obligations he shed that fake persona we adopt to survive. He got to stand beside humanity's treadmill, laughing whenever we stumbled and fell off the end.

He could be seen as a bit of a bastard I suppose, but I only resent him as much as I want to be him. But I'll probably never get to that level. We are the disenfranchised with a very limited ability to steer our own path, make informed decisions, or achieve goals.

You might argue "What about that one percent who break through?" Well, I believe they allowed to succeed as the necessary exception to the rule. They are dangled as the unobtainable carrot on the stick for the rest of us to wear ourselves out grasping for.

Take a look at the methods of our control. Educated to a standard only high enough to run the machines that keep the "owners" (to use George's apt word), comfortable. We're bombarded with advertisements that make us want that newer, faster, better, prettier thing that harness us to debts that always outstrip our income.

We are encouraged to throw our money into that giant gambling pit called the Stock Market which is manipulated and swayed by suspicion and rumour. We know we cannot win a rigged game yet we still buy those lottery tickets.
We are swamped by incomprehensible laws that constantly change so that only dedicated extremist can keep track. Educating others about their dwindling rights cause those extremists to slip from our consciousness on dark nights and lonely curves in the road.

Kinda bleak, depressive viewpoint, huh? But before you write me off as a droning defeatist, take a good look at the world. It's difficult isn't it, to fight your conditioning? Facebook is calling you. The newest episode of make believe is on TV. Another 'must have' iPod is being released. If you investigated your circumstances, could you really work out why you're so "average", all the while thinking you're slightly better than everybody else?

Do not look here for advice; I'm in no position to give any. I believe most of us will always be compliant slaves, victims of circumstance, and mere numbers for corporations to crunch. We are only a coherent society due to the sheer amount of meaningless shit that is forced upon us. Beware; attempting to break free can result in a broken mind.


w33bo said...

Great blog, hung onto every word. Of course the revelation you have stumbled upon is not a new discovery, there are a small percentage of us who have known of the existence of the hamster wheel for some time, it is posted all over youtube the intricate details of the controlling nature of those few who believe themselves to be better than the common people. (The 1%, the Illuminati) It is all a bit doom and gloom, however you can see the obvious signs today in advertising, doomsday fear mongering news articles designed to keep you cowering in fear for what's 'outside' and the complete disregard by corporate companies for people's health and well being. But, like George Carlin, I fear as a race our ignorance will be the end of us. There aren't enough who see the trends to be able to make an effective change, for the masses will always tend to live in fear and go with what they know, therefore for those of us who see the wrong in society, all we can do is sit idly by and watch as the masses are manipulated.

It is a shame but in my own struggles I have come to this conclusion.

Coops said...

Hi w33bo

I've edited that post a little to clean up my mind-dump. Everything I said in my original rant is still there, so your comment remains in context.

These opinions of mine rarely contain advice or have a point. Maybe I'm just shouting into the dark to break its immaculate silence. But, given a choice, I won't go quietly into the night.