Saturday, 22 December 2012

Commercialised Christians and Heathen Hijackers

It's a week before Xmas and I am walking despondently towards the Mecca of Merchandise to fulfill a ludicrous obligation that has no meaning to me.

Despite being an affirmed heathen, I have always played along with friends and family whether they hijacked the holiday or faithfully celebrated Jesus' Birthday, mainly to avoid the Scrooge tag and just be tolerant of their views. But no more.

What do I hate about Xmas?
  • The sugary bullshit songs of joy and happiness that blare over the squalling children 'I WANT' 'ing everything they have been primed to desire by the TV.
  • The frantic confusion of the Halloween/Xmas decoration overlap period. Someone should really sort that shit out.
  • The bombardment of advertising that encourages and approves overindulgence from all sides. I don't need any encouragement along these lines. I already have self-control issues.
  • The economic stimulus of the holiday spending spree is no doubt welcome to all businesses but I look at the CRAP we buy and only see landfill life-spans drop. Other people's conversations invade my ears while loitering in the toy aisles as people snatch cheap junk from shelves to tick boxes on their lists; Mum, Dad, Katie-Sue, Katie-Sue's newborn, the dog etc. "Ohhh I can't think of anything for Steve's family" - "I'm just getting everyone chocolates" - "I already did that for Kindy group!".
  • Being forced to participate in Secret Santa activities that aren't secret and are usually covered off by 2 people in the group as no one else can be bothered.
What do I like about Xmas?
  • When it's over.
  • It means the New Year is upon us which is as close as I can get to feeling spiritually/mentally renewed.
  • Kids have to go back to school soon - hahaaa.
I'd rather look at Xmas as just another notable day on the calendar. One that should slip quietly by, celebrated by those who feel it is significant to them without their accompanying judgements against those of us who opt out.

So to sum up, #@*% Xmas, but I wish a Happy New Year to everyone who deserves one.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Generation Useless

Much as I like bagging out the youth of today, (in the venerated tradition handed down through the generations), I did think the TV program I saw recently about young adults unable to boil an egg or change a wheel on their car was slightly rough on them.

Everyone has to be taught how things work, (not to mention how to interact socially and maintain a suitable level of hygiene). A lot of young people seem to have trouble with some of the above examples - sometimes all three at the same time. But my point is, if a person hasn't been told/shown/taught how to operate/act/cook, the rest of us have no right to slag them for that ignorance.

On the other hand, if they have been shown/told/taught and just can't seem to follow instructions, then they are fair game.

I was very lucky to have parents who instilled life-skills into me from an early age. I sure felt that they wanted me to see the world as soon as legally possible (waiting for a teenagers' brain to catch up with his/her breakneck pace of living must be quite tiring). But, being thrust into the big, bad world is frightening enough when you are able to fend for yourself. I'd hate to try to cope without the skills I'd been given.

I find it amusing that coddled kiddies of today look at me and think: "That old guy can't keep up with the technology of our world". And they're right. But should I apologise? I can cook, clean, maintain my possessions and engage in a meaningful relationship with other people. I'll accept that we have a difference in priorities but I'd rather have good core life skills than be at the cutting edge of technology.

I'm happy to let youngsters forge ahead - sometimes the path they leave behind is less hazardous when the pitfalls are filled with someone-else's money, blood sweat and tears.


Saturday, 31 March 2012

George Carlin

I've only recently discovered George Carlin. He's dead now, but his profound ideas and harsh opinionated attitude lives on, and they really struck a cord with me. 

Carlin divorced himself from the human race because he actively hated those of us who would not see the "truth" of our existence. (Quote marks around truth represent its complex nature.)
George had an old man's measured intelligence. His disgust at humanity was derived from a life-long scrutiny of how people think. His cynical outlook was reinforced by what people do, and did not bother to hide his total hopelessness that we are capable of positive change.

Calin was able to be this honest because he was wealthy. He considered life's Hamster-wheel that we all board as optional. Freed from most obligations he shed that fake persona we adopt to survive. He got to stand beside humanity's treadmill, laughing whenever we stumbled and fell off the end.

He could be seen as a bit of a bastard I suppose, but I only resent him as much as I want to be him. But I'll probably never get to that level. We are the disenfranchised with a very limited ability to steer our own path, make informed decisions, or achieve goals.

You might argue "What about that one percent who break through?" Well, I believe they allowed to succeed as the necessary exception to the rule. They are dangled as the unobtainable carrot on the stick for the rest of us to wear ourselves out grasping for.

Take a look at the methods of our control. Educated to a standard only high enough to run the machines that keep the "owners" (to use George's apt word), comfortable. We're bombarded with advertisements that make us want that newer, faster, better, prettier thing that harness us to debts that always outstrip our income.

We are encouraged to throw our money into that giant gambling pit called the Stock Market which is manipulated and swayed by suspicion and rumour. We know we cannot win a rigged game yet we still buy those lottery tickets.
We are swamped by incomprehensible laws that constantly change so that only dedicated extremist can keep track. Educating others about their dwindling rights cause those extremists to slip from our consciousness on dark nights and lonely curves in the road.

Kinda bleak, depressive viewpoint, huh? But before you write me off as a droning defeatist, take a good look at the world. It's difficult isn't it, to fight your conditioning? Facebook is calling you. The newest episode of make believe is on TV. Another 'must have' iPod is being released. If you investigated your circumstances, could you really work out why you're so "average", all the while thinking you're slightly better than everybody else?

Do not look here for advice; I'm in no position to give any. I believe most of us will always be compliant slaves, victims of circumstance, and mere numbers for corporations to crunch. We are only a coherent society due to the sheer amount of meaningless shit that is forced upon us. Beware; attempting to break free can result in a broken mind.