Saturday, 22 December 2012

Commercialised Christians and Heathen Hijackers

It's a week before Xmas and I am walking despondently towards the Mecca of Merchandise to fulfill a ludicrous obligation that has no meaning to me.

Despite being an affirmed heathen, I have always played along with friends and family whether they hijacked the holiday or faithfully celebrated Jesus' Birthday, mainly to avoid the Scrooge tag and just be tolerant of their views. But no more.

What do I hate about Xmas?
  • The sugary bullshit songs of joy and happiness that blare over the squalling children 'I WANT' 'ing everything they have been primed to desire by the TV.
  • The frantic confusion of the Halloween/Xmas decoration overlap period. Someone should really sort that shit out.
  • The bombardment of advertising that encourages and approves overindulgence from all sides. I don't need any encouragement along these lines. I already have self-control issues.
  • The economic stimulus of the holiday spending spree is no doubt welcome to all businesses but I look at the CRAP we buy and only see landfill life-spans drop. Other people's conversations invade my ears while loitering in the toy aisles as people snatch cheap junk from shelves to tick boxes on their lists; Mum, Dad, Katie-Sue, Katie-Sue's newborn, the dog etc. "Ohhh I can't think of anything for Steve's family" - "I'm just getting everyone chocolates" - "I already did that for Kindy group!".
  • Being forced to participate in Secret Santa activities that aren't secret and are usually covered off by 2 people in the group as no one else can be bothered.
What do I like about Xmas?
  • When it's over.
  • It means the New Year is upon us which is as close as I can get to feeling spiritually/mentally renewed.
  • Kids have to go back to school soon - hahaaa.
I'd rather look at Xmas as just another notable day on the calendar. One that should slip quietly by, celebrated by those who feel it is significant to them without their accompanying judgements against those of us who opt out.

So to sum up, #@*% Xmas, but I wish a Happy New Year to everyone who deserves one.


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Anonymous said...

Its "cool" to be different from what people try to impose on us. I guess sometimes it can get lonely because people can't relate to "different". If you can handle it then you'll be fine. Don't stop being "You". Peace