Sunday, 27 January 2008

Manual labourer enters the virtual world

I’m here. Finally. Thanks to my sisters' patience I have a blog. I really had to shed a few preconceptions before being convinced to get on here. I didn’t even know what a blog was until half an hour ago.

I've worked as a semi-skilled labourer (a pliable and multi-faceted job description), for the past 20 years, around Australia and overseas. Working with my hands and letting my brain freewheel a bit too much. I’m going through a change of life. There’s a lot of mental exercise in store for my flabby cerebral machine.

So what do I need a blog for? I’m going to share, because that’s the type of bloke I am. I’m going to leave my private diary full of personal thoughts and images lying around the web for anyone to read. It’s a strange concept.

I would like my blog to amuse and lighten your life if only by a few minutes or seconds. It’ll also serve as a springboard for ideas, occasional rants, and observations. I hope you don’t mind if I flounder around a bit until I find my target audience. Even at this moment I am learning the importance of editing to avoid overfilling my calendar with law suit court dates.

I’m a slow starter in this medium having become isolated from the emerging technologies. I’m overly careful at times as I like a certain amount of stability. I don't buy series one cars, I buy computer programs well after beta testing and I still know nothing about Bluetooth, iPod’s and MP3 players. Something to do with music?

Jamming my brain into the fast moving world that used to pass me by is going to be an interesting/frustrating time.

The kids of today have it much tougher than us X’ers. They have to, and are able to, keep up with every new gadget that floods the market. I remember how hard we thought it was in the olden days when the first home computers, microwaves and VCR's came out. If you got your clock working on the VCR and your microwave, you were a legend. After the first power outage mine flashed 12:00 for the rest of its life.

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