Monday, 28 January 2008


So I’ve quit the ‘real job’ and I write for a living. Getting a head full of ideas onto a computer that’s already loaded with partially finished stories is a freeing experience that I enjoy very much. Then there’s the other stuff.

I don't know how the publishing industry works. It seems I can’t just write, I must ‘network’ and publicise myself. I also need to set up ABN numbers, read submission guidelines, find freelance job offers, wash dishes and hang clothes. Getting everything done is difficult as writing is a selfish ‘zoning’ activity that chews time leaving nothing in reserve for other activities.

On the other hand working from home is paying off for all those other projects I have on the go. I can work on the house and car without feeling that I'm burning up a rest day. I don't have reserve enough energy to face another six days of heavy labour anymore.

I thought I'd kick off my meteoritic rise by submitting one of my completed short fiction stories to smaller publishers. I dug out a finished story that I wrote for my sister. She’d been on my back about not writing. At the time the story flowed out of me very easily. I was happy with it, even the annoying ending that lacked closure, (in some people’s view). I started to tidy it up a little and ended up with a total rewrite after discovering many continuance flaws. The story has evolved into a much more substantial piece of work. That’s all well and good but it no longer fits the submission guidelines. Bugger. Start new story.

I've stopped telling people I'm a freelance writer. They always ask, "What do you write?" I immediately want to answer ‘Horror and Science Fiction’ but that doesn’t cover Alternate Realities, reviews or this blog. The coverall ‘Speculative Fiction’ is slightly cringe-worthy for some reason I haven’t pinpointed yet.

I suppose I’d like to say that I’m an entertainer and see what evolves.

(Like it? See - Death)


Girl of LA said...

Hey, congratulations on that! Even though at this point it was some time ago, but still! I'd like to get at that point eventually. :)

Coops said...

Load up the bank account and gain a few kilo's. You might end up skinny and broke like I'll be if I don't sell something soon.