Friday, 23 December 2016

The Witches European Broomstick Tour – 26th November 2016 – Day 2 (Part 2)

Current Country/City: United Arab Emirates / Dubai

Morning Temperature: 28oC

Travel Method/Rating: Qantas Flight - A380 Economy Class / Minor discomfort due to seat size

Travelling to: Netherlands /Amsterdam

Accommodation: In flight economy seating – not conducent to obtaining rest. 

Day Time Temperature: MINUS 1oC

Approximate Travelling Time: 7 Hours

Currency: Euro (€)

Steps (as calculated by phone software): 2852

Activity/Observation: As all good things eventually come to an end we departed the depleted Emirates Lounge with our bags full of freebies (contraband) – toothbrushes and toothpaste, socks, eye shades and razor kits - 7 kits each - and boarded our flight for Amsterdam.

After another 7 hours flying we landed in Amsterdam at 9pm their time, very, very tired. I maybe got 1 hour of micro sleeps and my brain was shutting down. Zombified, we barely showed our surprise when everyone's backpacks was spat out onto the carousel. 

Geared up, we headed for the Metro where T-Witch and H-Witch sorted out a suitable train. It was freezing in the tunnels and smelled like rotting garbage, wet concrete and diesel fumes. Smells immediately reminiscent of years of underground mine work. However there were more lights and tiles in the train station. 

Having achieved the goal of finding the right train we got off at Central Station. Trudging through the crowds to our nearby Avenue Hotel was thankfully a short journey and the hotel was easy to find. After an uneventful check-in we all split to our rooms for long showers and blessed sleep.

All up, the combined time spent travelling and waiting in lounges for flights from Auckland to Amsterdam added up to – 39.5 Hours.

Broomstick Tour - Day 3

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