Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Witches European Broomstick Tour – 28th November 2016 – Day 4

Current Country / City: Netherlands / Amsterdam

Morning Temperature:  MINUS 2oC

Travel Method / Rating: Trams and walking / Easy to use

Travelling to: N/A

Accommodation: Avenue Hotel

Day Time Temperature: 5oC

Approximate Travelling Time: N/A

Currency: Euro (€)

Steps (as calculated by phone software): 14,117

Activity/Observation: With another Avenue Hotel breakfast under our belts we took a tram to the famous IAMSTERDAM sign. Trainee M-Witch needed her picture taken here, as did a thousand other tourists. Obviously I missed the point of this exercise but joined in anyway.

Damn that metal was cold on my tender bits.

My first impressions while walking through Amsterdam’s street are the permanence and sheer age of my surroundings. So many 100, 200, 300 year old buildings. Each structure is tied into the next with the full expectation that this is how they will stand long after the architects and builders are dead and forgotten.

A visit to the Van Gogh Museum was a welcome break from the cold. As Aussies are said to be an uncultured lot, we spent some time critiquing the paintings to make up for our deficiency. I preferred the landscapes. I’m not much into abstract art especially after listening to several wanky patrons trying to impress everyone in earshot.

Afterwards we ambled through Amsterdam back streets, breathing in clouds of dope smoke as we passed a dozen ‘coffee shops’ and found ourselves in the red light district. Apparently I missed some eye-popping views (I was more interested in looking at old buildings than old whores) but the witches got flashed a few times.
Drugs are bad, mmm-kay?
T-Witch knew of a fantastic little café where we ordered lunch and drank some great beers.
Cafe Hoppe
Then it was a short-cut through the flower market to look at some slumped buildings along the canal, before finding a restaurant for dinner.

Broomstick Tour - Day 5

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