Friday, 7 March 2008


Money. The root of all evil. Lovely stuff when you can get it though. All my life I've worked reasonably hard for it. At times I’ve been paid more than I’m worth. Not many people can, or would, admit to that. There have been times when I had none too. I had to claim my super under their financial hardship rules when I wanted to do the engine up on my car and go on holidays. At times my mates and I were so poor we had to choose between food and beer. Couldn’t afford both. That’s right, we were that broke. We bought beer.

The power of the mighty dollar has brought me joy on enough occasions to finally disregard the saying "Money can't buy happiness" as a poor man's self-commiseration for not having any. Try living on love. Fucking hungry aren’t you?

The satisfaction level of your life need not revolve around the accumulation of wealth. But, knowing the funds are there to accomplish your goals makes for a sounder sleep at night, in my humble opinion.

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