Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Succeed as a contract labourer - PART 4

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Everyone loves to talk about him or herself. Shut up and LISTEN for a change. I don't mean clam up and sit in the corner but listen more than you speak, you'll learn more. While getting to know the long term employees, don't match everything they’ve done with something you've done better, faster and longer.

Everyone has their dramas. Sympathise with your workmates but don’t get involved. The guy that hates his wife today loves her tomorrow, and might not appreciate your assessment that all women are bitches. Be vague when giving opinions or putting shit on other employees too. You could be talking to the guy’s brother. Whenever you run someone down, they will inevitably be standing behind you. I don’t know why that is, just don’t do it. Who needs that gut clenching experience of having royally fucked up?

Forget the PC, (political correctness), bullshit, don't make racist remarks for no good reason. We’re a Nation of mixed races, get over it. If you have trouble associating with people who don't look like you, find an enclave somewhere and start building a wall. If the person in question can’t or won’t do his or her job, that’s an entirely different matter. I’m an equal opportunity idiot hater.

While we’re on the subject of talking about people, be aware of the 2 way radios. Turn them OFF before having a whinge session about your boss. At least check you’re not sitting on the hand piece. Accidentally transmitting your dissatisfaction across the site is embarrassing and could affect your long-term job prospects.

Take great care who you choose to associate with in the first few days. Inadvertently connecting with the site loser/whinger/dobber, may shorten your period of employment or make your remaining days a nightmare.

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