Sunday, 27 July 2008

Blogging for money - don't waste your time and mine

I had a bit of a rant on the blogger forum a while ago. Typical knee jerk reaction. I really should have done it here. If I hurt anyone’s feelings it wasn’t intentional. I shouldn’t use bad words there either. Apologies to the cool moderator who chose not to jump on my head.

To clarify my point, I took exception to bloggers whose sole intention is to make their millions by creating traffic from a blog with zero content and zero ongoing value. I was not targeting everyone with Adsense on their blog. I went down that route for a while. I made my own evaluation of its worth and you are free do the same.

The definition of content, in my view, is material that engages people who read it. Blogs that help you make money by showing you how to construct a successful blog can fit that definition, and are quite useful to all of us.

I’m no different to a lot of other bloggers out there. I’d like to be reimbursed for the time and effort I put into my blog too. But, I believe the survival or death of my blog will be based on its CONTENT and, of course, my marketing skills. PERSONALLY I find this the only acceptable way to gather readers and increase traffic.

How many blogs have you come across lately that have no content and are jammed with ads. But you’ll tell me they get a lot of traffic, right? What sort of traffic? Thousands of people tricked into clicking on a bunch of clever keyword. Those same people who look around for one second then leave in disgust. Is that what you want for your blog?

None of us actually go to those ghost sites with the intention of clicking an ad? We go to blogs to be ENTERTAINED and INFORMED. Furthermore I am not against advertising. Maybe you could try choosing products you feel strongly about or can recommend. Your visitors will be more likely to click on items someone has taken the trouble to review. Pushing ads should always be secondary to quality content though.

Help me believe blogging hasn’t lost it way. Give me something to read and think about. My faith in humanity is already on shaky ground.


Girl of LA said...

I have to say I really do agree with you on this one. I never do click ads on peoples' blogs (which makes me questions myself as to why I have any on mine, anyway....).

I read to see what other peoples' lives are like. Are they like me? Different from me? How do they think? If I want to know how a product will be, I'll get it myself. Reviews really are subjective.

Coops said...

What really killed it for me was the 'The cult of Amway' post I did. Let's just say I wasn't praising them.

Adsense picked up the keyword 'Amway' and suddenly my site was ADVERTISING FOR THE COMPANY I'D JUST BEEN BAGGING. I laughed my head off and showed the wife. Then I got rid of Adsense.

indigoblue said...

Amen to that one brother. I think there are so many blogs out there but so few that are really worth reading. Most seem to be put up by people hoping to make a buck - hence there is no content at all. I end up there...and I click away! As you say: I have given them "traffic" but they have given me nothing of value. I am reading your blog today because you write the kind of things I like to read...about thoughtful events in your life :)

Peace & Love

Scott said...

Good post. For the most-part, I'm "ad blind". I don't even look @ ads and I can't remember the last time I felt compelled to click on an Adsense ad.

I'm a publishers worst visitor!

It would be great to make buckets of cash blogging, but if it were that easy, everyone would do it For me, it has to be a labor of love, cause I sure am not making money!!!

Anyway, good post. Spot on. I may take you up on the beer offer friend!

Coops said...

I read somewhere that we've trained ourselves to flick our eyes over the ads. To combat this the ads are getting bigger and flashier like multi-coloured volcanoes.

I have left sites just because of the annoying flashing banners and the verballing I get from an autostart video.

Wastes my time when I have to search through 10 tabs to find the one that's having a chat to itself. Freaks me out.

The offers good Scott. Get yourself a PO box and you could end up with free beer from all over the place. Wish I'd thought of it for myself.

Girl of LA said...

Holy crap. I wouldn't want to advertise for something I don't like unintentionally. Maybe I should get rid of it, then. Would you suggest that be for the best?

Coops said...

Not really. I'd rather not be heavily for OR against it. I'd LOVE to make money from ads, but on my terms.

My experience with the Amway thing should be used as an example of how you can look really stupid if you don't consider all the ramifications of what you are doing.