Thursday, 3 April 2008

New computer

I had great hopes for the new computer. A new age of crashless use, speedy downloads, exemplary file retrieval and no more grinding hard drive.

Well I didn’t get all those things. Bloody Word crashed in the middle of a long edit. One of those long blacked out periods where I just sit here and work. Brand new computer, crashed. Word not responding. &%^#*$#^&%. I have now changed the setting to save every minute. Don’t bother telling me that I should have done that earlier.

Bit of a steep learning curve to get used to the new programmes after using the previous one for 5 years. I don’t want to go back though.

The salesman talked me into getting a set of very nice speakers with the package. They are the Logitech Z-10 if you’re interested. They have great sound and, with judicious use of Heavy Metal CD’s, they manage to cover the sound of 5 fans whizzing around at high speed in the new Nine Hundred Advanced Gaming Case. I think the salesman wanted it more than I did. Mind you, the promo for the case showed a mini-gun extending from the front and mine doesn’t have that. Bit of a disappointment. And it’s got cup holders for crying out loud. Yes it is a cup holder and that’s what I’m going to use it for. Nothing could possibly tip over and pour through the 200mm fan opening next to it.

I have been loading my CD’s onto the hard drive and I find the recognition software quite astounding. (I’m so stone age.) It tells me what’s on the disc automatically then calls up information from the Internet so I can buy the album or get a review and background on the band amongst other stuff. You probably know all this but to me it’s all new.

The 24 inch screen is awesome. I think I’m wasting it at the moment but will work out how to make full use of it soon.

I think I’ll buy some of that sound proofing foam from Clark Rubber and make a front for the tower cavity. The case is so big I had to take the top drawer out but I can live with that.

I even like my new keyboard and mouse. They were ‘free’ and they still have the analogue connections instead of the USB but no matter. There are about 10 USB ports in the case allowing me to plug in all my toys without screwing around unplugging other stuff. Hooray.

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