Monday, 28 April 2008

Wanna buy a Monaro? - Cheap

The Monaro failed rego but I didn’t have the wade through the usual three pages of defects this time. The defects picked up have taken several days to fix though. A bit of rust had broken through around the wheel arches and bottom of the doors. Fairly straight forward cosmetic work, it just takes a while to do it properly. Shocking stuff I know but I occasionally I do try to make things better, not worse. The last few days have been sanding, rust proofing, bogging, painting, sanding, painting, sanding, etc.

Then there's the front left indicator. Didn’t wanna go. I knew we had it working the day before so I figured it’s just a dicky earth. I took the whole assembly out to clean it up a bit. See. Doing it properly.

Well I got it out and tested the wiring and now NONE of the indicators work. Oh, this is just fucked. I have so little knowledge of electrickry that I’m a freaking hazard but I started tracking the wiring back to the harness and ended up with about ten web pages open on the computer and Max Ellery's useless manual and then opened the PDF’s I’d scanned from workshop manuals. None of them helped.

I resort to sticking my big dumb fat head under the dash, (very uncomfortable), and I’m plucking at the wiring and the fuse box with no idea what the hell I’m doing and I spy a little round box full of copper wiring. I fiddle with it and it starts ticking like bomb might. I made a guess that it wasn't a bomb and could very well have something to do with the indicators. Sure enough they were working again. Then everything crapped out again. No amount of increasingly hard taps on the round ticking thing made any difference.

Instead of getting a hammer I searched the computer to find out what the fucking round thing was called and found out it’s a flasher can. Picked one up for $16 IN SARINA and replaced it. There’s different stuff inside the new one. My old stone-age one has been superseded by microchips.

Praise Jesus the bastard fit and didn’t mess me around like I thought it would. The indicators were all going but I couldn’t help noticing the globe was seized in the holder. I should fix that, I thought, before putting it back in. What a stupid idea. Smashed the globe and gouged into the holder to dig the base out then decided to abort the mission and use one I’d ripped off a HG a few years ago. Unfortunately that one is in worse condition on the outside but the spring loaded bulb holder was perfect. Spent around an hour changing every tiny bastard piece over then refit the globe and tested it. Not working again. Son of a bitch. Pushed all the connections together in total frustration and... it worked! Good enough, it’s getting close to beer o’clock so I don't care what the fault was.

Shoved everything back together and went and got the WHEELBARROW to load up all the crap I’d ended up bringing down to the carport to fix one lousy freaking globe.

I hope someone buys this pile of junk before I burn it. If you need help with your Chev wiring James, I’m busy that day. After reading this you probably would rather I stayed the hell away anyway.

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