Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Tasmanian relief - PART 3

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The next day we discovered our screw up that had been haunting me. We forgot the address book. By an absolute freak of luck I had one phone number in my new phone that got us the addresses we needed. Armed with the right information I managed to catch up with my sister. She has lived in Hobart for a few years and took some time out to show us a few points of interest, like the famous
Salamanca markets. Unfortunately they’d been on the day before but we never did like crowds and the shops in the area we ample for our needs.

Hobart’s botanical garden is excellent. It’s a credit to the people who maintain it. Tulips were in bloom by the thousands and the displays were spectacular. We also got to see the plot where Peter Cundall’s does some of his Gardening Australia show. I’d always been curious about the huge, convict built walls behind his veggie garden, and I finally satisfied that urge. They are even more impressive close up.

The next day we drove south to the Tahune forest air walk. I can highly recommend it. Forestry Tasmania has made a huge effort to integrate the structure with the forest. We came back to Hobart the long way round through Huonville and Cygnet, then we zipped across through Oyster Cove and up to tick the Shot Tower off our ‘wanna see’ list. It’s a worthwhile stop. You should make the effort to climb it for the view and to say you’ve done it.

So far, the sense of history everywhere we go is a little but overwhelming. The sheer age and level of preservation of so many structures cant be compared to anywhere we’ve visited on the mainland.

The day was running out. We could easily have spent two days in the area but we had packed in enough sights to feel satisfied and were getting tired. The nice warm fireplace of our cottage beckoned.

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