Thursday, 14 February 2008

The whole world is against me - PART 1

This post is about a bad week I had a while ago. I’ve only just managed to find it funny now.
I made a decision to quit my job, registered as a sole trader and started my own business as a freelance writer.
Now a writer needs to be comfortable so he can 'get into the zone'. This is reasonably difficult to achieve when living in the tropics, particularly when your house is stupidly designed not to cool itself efficiently. I decided we should air condition the computer room. This way I wouldn't be able to play the 'it's too hot' card. I’ll use any excuse not to write.

Immediately my crafty plan encountered a problem. We couldn't get another air conditioner fitted as the meter board was way out of date, (1960's), and couldn't handle any extra load. Strictly speaking we shouldn’t be using the existing lounge room A/C and the stove at the same time or we could trip the power.
No problem we said, let’s get a new meter board that can run four A/C's. Maybe they could even put in a 15-amp plug so I can use the welder I bought a year ago.
Good, the plan is in motion.

Meter board goes in. (Imagine wavy lines as I gloss over the problems of getting approval from the landlord and getting the Sparky to quote then actually turn up to do the job. They have forgotten about quoting for the new A/C's. They have forgotten to bring a genset to run the fridges. They turn up without calling to see if anyone is home.)
They’re almost finished. Yay. Luckily I have a look before they finish speed-packing their truck and leave.
“Oh...umm...excuse me, where is the extra A/C switches and why isn't there a 15 plug on here?”

“Duh...the boss didn't say nuffink about that.”

“It’s only the whole and entire reason for getting the new board in.”


I jump up and down and he reluctantly unpacks his tools to put in the A/C switches. He wants me to ring his boss about the 15-amp point. I'll ring all right.
I ring another Sparky, I’ll call him Sparky No. 2, to quote for installing the new A/C's. I’ve lost faith in Sparky No. 1.
Sparky No.2. will drop in sometime next week for a look. He won’t give time or date so I can make sure I’m home and can explain my needs.
It’s a friggin conspiracy.

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