Thursday, 14 February 2008

The whole world is against me - PART 4

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I don't really want to get under the house either, but I'm motivated. I run the new cable and only zap myself once while crawling awkwardly under the lowest part of the house. We just had 500mm of rain and its real wet under there. The mozzies think it’s awesome that I've crawled in to be with them too.

Fast forward past the rest of this experience. Just so you know, it sucked.

Back in the house and I yank the new line up and connect it. It doesn't work still. Brand new line, what the hell? My feet and ankles are upset too. I’ve got so many mozzie bites they look like novelty condoms, and all for nothing.

I disconnect the extension and suddenly everything works. I connect the extension and the line drops out. What the hell?

I pull the Internet line filter off and it works. The ah-ha moment. My extremely slow, plodding method of troubleshooting was getting somewhere. Now why was the bloody filter affecting the line like this? That would have been a question the BLOODY PHONE TECHNICIAN could have answered, wouldn't it?

I'm hot and dirty and annoyed. It still feels like spiders are running through my hair even though I smashed my head on enough floor joists while under the house that I don't think any could have survived.

I took the phone line filter to my operating room (garage) for a bit of in depth surgery. I persuaded it to open with my No. 3 engineers hammer. It explodes into pieces which I pick up and examine. There, on one of the tiny little gold connectors, is an even tinier bit of green corrosion.

So thanks for nothing current phone service provider, we're changing back to Telstra, and we'll never be back. Hopefully Telstra has forgotten we said the same thing to them a few years ago.

I swear these are factual events. Names have only been omitted to protect the guilty and save me facing slander charges. Maybe I don't need to write alternative fiction or horror stories. I should just write a diary, it would amount to the same thing.

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Girl of LA said...

Oh man. All that in itself would not have just made me change providers, but I would have yelled and screamed at every single person.

You certainly hold your tongue better than I do, unless I missed the part where you went off on any of them!