Thursday, 7 February 2008

Changing Internet providers

This is something we all go through at some time. We see a better deal and we jump for it. We forget how difficult it was to set up last time and we blindly hope all will be well.

All was not well. Our previous Internet Provider shut us down well before our new provider was ready to get us on line. We were not aware they intended cutting us adrift without notifying us. It wasn't long before I began getting withdrawal symptoms. Our new provider didn't really want to help me get online until their modem turned up. I needed access now though. Now dammit! I managed to talk a tech into running me through the process using my old modem. Bloody hell I really couldn’t tell who was getting more frustrated.

It actually isn't that hard to put in the new user name and change a couple of settings in the modem. It should have been a matter of 2-minutes max. There's no way anything will ever be that simple for me. The old modem wouldn’t talk to me no matter how I held my tongue and Mr Helpful soon got tired of trying and left me to it. I tried a hundred different variations of our passwords and log-ons’ in a desperation only seen in true cyber-addicts. The modem was blissfully unaware how close it was drawing to heavy duty adjustment by my Engineers hammer. (It's like Thor’s hammer only smaller).

Eventually my brother took pity on me and led me through the procedure in depth with only a small amount of long distance frustration. He discovers most of the incomprehensible settings, (to me), have been wiped. (I'm guessing that was when the Indian fellow told me to reset the modem manually, thanks buddy.) Anyway it's working again and my stress levels and depression is back to normal.

I'm actually glad to be locked into a 2-year plan. I don't want to go through that for a long, long time.

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