Sunday, 1 November 2009

Nano - Day 1

Bit confused. Where's the fan fare, the firing of the gun? I haven't heard from my little sister either. What the hell is going on? Did the world end while I was Internetting?

Well bugger it, there seems to be no point in going hard on this if no one else is interested. It doesn't help that I haven't got a plot, any characters fleshed out, nothing. No clue.

I picked out an idea at random from my slush pile. 'A Better World'. The file contains 6 hurriedly jotted lines but it brings back the idea clearly. Well, like seeing fog clearly.

I bashed and bashed the keyboard trying to find the story within. No joy yet.

Coops: 600 hesitant and awkward words.
Sister: A purported and unofficial 1500 HAND WRITTEN words. (does anyone really do that any more?)

The average we should have attained: 1667

We both suck.


Binxcat1 said...

OK... I apologise for obviously not commenting enough... keeping bashing on the keyboard ;)

Coops said...

No apologies from a mum with twins. Keep doing your blog when you get time.