Thursday, 19 November 2009

Nano - Day 19

It's interesting to see figures displayed in different ways. These graphs prove that (a), I suck at this and (b), I'm losing.

Coops: 18,300

Sister: 29,091

Impertinent expectation: 31,667


Binxcat1 said...

I am sure you are going for "quality" rather than "quantity"... keep bashing ;)... oh and when / where do I get to read this one?????

Coops said...

No way, not with Nano. You misunderstand its purpose. It is the chance to slam out any old crap. It's the only time you allow yourself not to over think the story and let whatever comes your way be typed and not erased. Very freeing, very embarrassing too at times.

Coops said...

Sorry didn't answer the important question of when this one will be published. I think it's a keeper so stay tuned in December when Nano is over and I have a framework to hang it off. Hope to do it as another serial soon.