Thursday, 12 November 2009

Nano - Day 9-12

Too damn busy to scratch my arse. Got the other project out of the way and I'm back to staring at my Nano screen.

Coops: 10,267
Sister: 17,467 (hah! Complacency dragged you back to my level girl.)

We aspire to: 20,000


SuzyQ said...

But even when I'm complacent I'm DESTROYING your pitiful word count. It's not really much of a competition. But I guess you've got excuses.

Coops said...

I've always got excuses. I've written them down. Ohhhhh look I can include them in my word count.

You wait. I have 10 hours of wife-free time to hammer out 10,000 words. Or maybe Ill get on the roof and sing. No end of options really.