Thursday, 5 November 2009

Nano - Day 4

Bloody hell, it's so hard when you have to play catch up every day. I need a buffer like the little sister has. With any luck she's tapping a dry well after the literary spurt. I've stopped practicing my commiserations that I was going to heap upon her when she lost.

My story is developing just ahead of the words I write. A frantic way of creating but ya gotta go with what ya got.

Coops: 8326
Sister: 12041

Words ideally obtained (as calculated by dry, unfeeling mathematics): 8333

Yeah, I know how close that is, and yeah, I could have bashed out a couple more sentences, but I'm determined to take the count at the same time every day. Usually as I crack a beer. Mainly cos I know not much else gets done after that. It has just occurred to me that I haven't informed little sis of this requirement. Bahahhaahhaha.

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