Monday, 2 November 2009

Nano - Day 2

Got woken up about 8 times last night by the wife's phone. Problems at work and she's on call. The broken sleep drifted into full wakefulness at around 4:30AM with a dream about getting shot. That's when I had the germ of an idea. I actually got up and wrote it down. I thought it was important though I still don't know what it means but I'm sure the whole story hinges on it.

Over the course of the day other bits and pieces came together and the idea gathered momentum in exciting ways. I now have a beginning and the world is building itself around my dead-beat trucker, Todd Lucker. I'm still quite keen on the whole deal although details are bogging me down a bit. I need to keep it moving.

Found out the Nanowrimo site was overloaded and the start gun failed to go off because of that. The world hasn't ended and I'm away regardless.

Coops: 2840 more confident and purposeful words.
Sister: Haven't heard but will assume to worst and delete one word from yesterday's total. 1499 words.

The average we should have attained: 3333 words. Not great for me but better than 1499.


SuzyQ said...

Ah get nicked. I like the way you start out with the excuse of 'my wife's phone woke me up all night' so that way you can be crap for the next few days.

And since I'm HANDWRITING my chapters (and by the way, I think I might chuck that idea soon) I don't know the word count until I type them up. Besides which I don't believe your word count, so there.

Coops said...

Glad I could draw you out of your computer free zone. I don't approve of that sort of solitude and it makes it really hard for me to barge into your lounge room whenever I want.

As to your assertion. Bullshit! I can recover from no sleep. Dreams are sparked by broken sleep so I'm not complaining.

As to my word count. It's Honest. I almost made 3333 by bedtime but couldn't force the last few out.