Friday, 21 November 2008

NaNoWriMo - Day 21

Going solely by gut-feel and using a rule-of-thumb method, I have come up with the following figure. One in every few hundred words is usable. MAYBE. Some idea or a name or maybe a full stop can be salvaged.

As you can see I'm not very excited about the whole idea anymore. The only reason I persevere with this stupid flash-fiction/dialogue thing is for the sake of fair play. If I were to change tack mid-stream, as it were, I think it would be unfair. To someone. Somewhere.

Number One Competitor: 35,511

Coops: 42,982 (NaNo wants: 35,000)

Justification/excuse: 7,000 words feels very far away even with such a lead. I don't know what No. 1 is up to. Not typing I suspect.

Lame rating: 6 and my fingertips hurt.


SuzyQ said...


Coops said...

Well, it's my blog and it's bloody well over when I say so!

SuzyQ said...

OK, for the sake of accuracy and fairness (neither of which seem to be your strong points), I've done 36,820 words. Which is ahead of the nanowrimo schedule. You're not going to win.

Coops said...

So not only do I not get to have the last word, I get edited as well. For your information I was drunk so therefore I cant be held responsible.