Wednesday, 26 November 2008

NaNoWriMo - Day 26

Number One Competitor: 50,363 (NaNo wants 43,333)

Coops: Did I mention I was ALREADY FINISHED.

No. 1's justification/excuse: Some people have to work for a living. Good on you for beating the clock. 4 days early is pretty impressive and with the quality of work you have done extremely well. We'll lay down better ground rules next year.

No. 1's lame rating: 0


Anonymous said...

Mate I knew you could do it the whole family is very proud (Well me and Trace anyway) well done. You deserve a treat, Julie this is where you come in. I'll leave you both alone know for some special time. lol

Coops said...

Thanks Brett and Traci. I'll let Jules know she owes me something that isn't sharp or painful because I don't like that.