Friday, 7 November 2008

NaNoWriMo - Day 7

Around 3:30AM seems to be a common time for me to wake up. If I can get out of bed and write, I often achieve a great deal. For those who think working from home is a routine of sleep-in's watching TV, and scratching my butt, you can think again.

Normally I'll get up without the aid of an alarm clock at around 7AM and work to 5 ish with a couple of breaks to garden or to hit stuff with a hammer in the workshop. Then I might do a few hours after dinner.

I was curious about sleep cycles and found this site about circadian rhythms. 2AM is supposed to be the time of our lowest ebb and deepest sleep. It is also a time of the bodies lowest temperature. That explains a few things. An injection of coffee has been known to fix those problems.

Number One Competitor: 11256

Coops: 11292 (NaNo wants 11667)

Justification/excuse: I'm struggling. I only wrote the last few words to get ahead of No. 1. Spending far too much time going through the finances.

Lame Rating: 5

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