Saturday, 8 November 2008

NaNoWriMo - Day 8

The NaNo is ultimatly about freeing your creativity. Reaching the stage where you are ready to stop judging a story's worthiness to have extra words attached and exploring its potential. A free association continuance is opened, allowing ideas to flow from some strange area of the mind, normally throttled by reason and logic.

Sometimes, if I'm lucky, a Buddha-like state can be attained where production is constant and the screen fills with red underlining from misspellings. When typing speed outpaces correct keystroking I redesign the english language into phonetics and abbreviations.

Number One Competitor:12,000

Coops:15,016 (NaNo wants 13,333)

Justification/excuse: Stopped thinking so much, started writing a bit more.

Lame rating: 0


SuzyQ said...

There is no possible way you've cracked the 15000 figure. Utter, utter bastard. And you have houseguests. I want to engage an independent word auditor.

Coops said...

Your word count seems to be broken. It hasn't advanced for days.