Thursday, 6 November 2008

NaNoWriMo - Day 6

I've worked out why some writers, me included, can be so secretive about their work. It was amongst some nasty, morbid thoughts I had while editing a particularly crap piece. (When you're slamming stuff out at full speed that can occur quite frequently).

One of the thoughts was, if I died right now what would somebody think of my draft NaNo? There'd be a few side-long looks of
'This guy thinks he's a writer? Check out this garbage'.

That's why I cringe when read a draft. Its lack of sophistication, it's clumsy structure, the spattering of truncated sentences. And all those ideas jammed in with no connections to the story at hand.

That's why I hide drafts away until they can be hammered at and combed into shape. Like an ugly child getting a makeover, it can then be released from the cellar and sent into the world to earn its keep.

A few people last year wanted to read my 'winning novel' and may have felt hurt by my abrupt refusal. They were under the impression I had actually written a salable novel in 30 days. Sorry. No can do.

Someone out there might be able to. (If there is such a person, I hate them).

Number One Competitor: 11097

Coops: 10,057 (NaNo wants 10,000)

Justification/excuse: On track. Stealing ideas from No. 1 Competitior, abusing her and generally having a good time. Got so much done yesterday I even knocked off half an hour early. (3:30AM to 4:30PM in case you were wondering.)

Lame rating: 0

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