Wednesday, 5 November 2008

NaNoWriMo - Day 5

It looks like I'm gaining pace, doesn't it? In reality it's still a hard slog. Just a matter of putting in the hours. There's been no sudden release of ideas. Plenty of lame ones are being bashed out that usually wouldn't pass the thinking stage. Some of these ideas may bear fruit for later. Twisting them into something better with a flurry of, 'oh yeah, that would have been better if this had happened', wastes precious time with a heavy edit. I get a better read out of the story but it is against the principles of word creation.

The floppy, horrible meaningless paragraph is now a single taut sentence. And I'm down 30 words.

I still believe editing at this stage is essential. Spur of the moment ideas must be written as they are visualize or awesome stuff can be forever lost. I have done it to myself too many times. Particularly on the edge of sleep when I don't force myself to get up and write down that brilliant idea.

Number One Competitor: 7792 words

Coops: 8344 words (NaNo wants 8333 words)

Justification/Excuse: I caught up today with No.1 Competitor AND NaNoWriMo's daily word count. Today I am on track to win. I never doubted myself. (Except for the first four days.) Other serials are suffering though. A concerted effort is required to keep Fatal Cure churning out. Have hit another low spot between extreme action episodes. The wind disappears out of my sails when the chainsaw gets put aside.

Lame Rating: 0

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SuzyQ said...

All I can say about today's word count is that the day's not over yet.
signed, No 1 Competitor